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The Case for Reputation Management

Jan 27 by Chair 10 Marketing Team

reputation monitoring

  Our world is getting a little smaller every day. With constant online engagement becoming the new norm, platforms like Google and Yelp help thousands of potential customers make decisions about working with a business. This means word travels fast, and reputation is everything. How do you keep your business competitive in this new virtual […]

Do You Need to Respond to Every Review?

Sep 24 by Chair 10 Marketing Team

reputation monitoring

Business is booming, you’re having a great day…and then you see it. A less than stellar review on a site like Google or Yelp. A negative or even a neutral review on one of these sites can send even the heartiest business owner into a panic. Learning how and why to respond to reviews (even […]

When Reviewers Go Rogue

Apr 23 by Chair 10 Marketing Team

review digital marketing

  The ex-employee who peppers review sites with one-star reviews about crappy management and (fake) roach infestations. The disgruntled customer who can’t believe you wouldn’t take back the “defective stereo” that was clearly attacked by a herd of baseball bats wielded by angry toddlers. The random stranger who posts a scalding rant about services you […]

reputation management online reviews

Amy, shaken to the core by a recent article touting the dangers of mainstream laundry detergent, set off to find a new, safe, more eco-friendly brand. First, she hit up Amazon. Eleanor’s Essential Oil Detergent looked promising, but there was only one review and it was basically a rant against the flimsy packaging. Nope. Next, […]

According to Yelp, some 135 million reviews have been published on the public opinion website since its inception in 2005. While many of those write-ups are undoubtedly chock full of glowing words extolling the virtues of everything from stellar customer service to a mouthwatering example of coq au vin, other consumers aren’t so generous with their praise. Companies […]

As of 2016, an estimated 78 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile, and they’re taking to their accounts to criticize, compliment, and otherwise interact with the brands they use most. While many exchanges are relatively uneventful, sometimes things take a different turn. A great reputation management agency will monitor the internet for […]

It’s nearly impossible to put a dollar value on your reputation, but one thing is certain: when it comes to reaching new customers your reputation is everything. As a business owner, your online reputation often determines whether potential customers will decide to work with you or not. Often expressed in the form of a review on one of many websites, your reputation […]

Yelp. A mere mention of the name can send shivers down the spine of even the most beloved local business owner. Whenever I speak with a small business owner and I bring up Yelp, the frustration is palpable. “The review filtering is blocking all my good reviews!” they exclaim. “They won’t stop pushing me to use their […]

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