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Google is asking for our help it appears. Spotted this week in Google (thank you Cody Barrus of our team!), at random times, a pop-up questionnaire in the bottom right corner of our Google results page. It looks like this:             A larger view of how it displays alongside search […]

Back in March, Getty Images made some serious waves among those who surf the net by announcing that their vast photo library, stretching back over 100 years, would be made available free to use without a watermark. In exchange for this watermark-free image, customers will simply have to embed the photo (a process that will add a footer with proper accreditation and a link to licensing information). This move may not provide free high-quality stock photos for all, but at first glance it seems pretty close.


Why Did Getty Do This?

The rationale behind the decision was that Getty’s images were already all over the web, and by making it easier for people to legally use them, they could potentially begin to curb the rampant illegal use that has become commonplace. This new strategy is a big gamble for Getty Images, but they claim that with their content already available everywhere online, something radical needed to be done. This new approach is similar to the music industry’s embrace of streaming services like Spotify & Rdio in order to curb music piracy (a move some consider to be nothing more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic), except Getty is hoping to embrace new technology before piracy can cripple their business model.


Can Anyone Embed Photos Under The New Getty System? (more…)

At Chair 10 Marketing we’ve come up with a set of top priorities for our local business SEO clients. Today we’d like to share some of our top priorities. Getting Started: As a first step, it’s crucial to understand a client’s geo-targeting, or, in other words, from what cities or zip codes does the business […]

Google recently renovated the look of their results page. When there is a search that returns mostly local results, like restaurants, bars, or parks, Google displays the local results across the top of the page over a dark horizontal strip. The new display provides similar information to the old look, with the most notable differences […]

It’s no surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in helping to rank your website higher in search engines, thus bringing traffic and revenue to your site. With successful SEO techniques come several mistakes that can affect the overall success of a website and its rankings. Here are 10 common SEO mistakes […]

Canada SEO Tips

Apr 23 by Mark Kelly

We’ve been doing a lot of SEO services for Canada clients recently. A lot of people don’t realize that when you are physically in another country, and you try to do a search on, Google redirects you to that country’s version of So for example, if you are in Canada, and do a […]

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure leading a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing session for the team over at NPower Seattle. NPower has a unique mission – to help Washington state non-profits use technology to better serve their communities. I was really excited to speak to the team because I […]

You’ve seen it as you’ve done searches on Google – the Google Local box: More and more, Google is inserting this box into Google searches. Typically it is inserted when someone searches for something locally, like ‘seattle pizza delivery’ . Because this box often contains 3 (and sometimes 7!) local listings, all of the other […]

Clients often ask us, “Shouldn’t we just focus all our efforts on SEO, because once we get high organic listings then we don’t have to pay the search engines for those clicks?” Well, if it was as simple as that, then Google would not be a $196 billion company. It is true, the optimal situation […]

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