4 Promotional Tie-Ins to Help Juice Your Digital Marketing Strategy

March 09 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Internet Marketing

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“Digital marketing strategy” seems like a dry, technical concept, especially if you tilt more toward the creative side of business brainstorming, but really, a solid blueprint is just your guiding force. Having a plan is essential but achieving brand greatness requires an awful lot of quick thinking and innovation, too, and that means dreaming up fun and memorable ways to engage consumers. If you want your business to grow, you’ve got to be more imaginative than your competition.

1. Piggyback on an Upcoming Holiday

Those Presidents’ Day mattress sales are annoying, but Shouty McBedSalesmen makes a lot of dough. Why? Tying a promotion into an already popular (or at least widely acknowledged) holiday helps build excitement and generate more visibility. A sale for no reason can make consumers suspicious or, even worse, wind up being totally ignored and garner zero results, but offer your buy-one-get-one deal when consumers are already in a purchasing state of mind and your promotion might have a more positive outcome. “12 Days of Deals” right before Christmas is a classic example of a smart way to highlight multiple items from your catalog or service menu and it works via email, social media, mobile push notifications, and/or your website.

2. Set Up an Online Scavenger Hunt

From Google to Facebook, most online entities reward businesses that have stellar engagement. When you’re just starting out, that can feel like a double-edged sword; you need eyes on your content in order to get visibility, but it’s hard to build traffic when no one can see your stuff. An online scavenger hunt that offers up a reward to people who find a password hidden on your website or who can repeat a key phrase you share in the middle of your Facebook Live video – that’s how you outsmart the algorithms and force people (in the nicest way, of course) to participate.

3. Offer Goodies via Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing

Go ahead and set up your Google My Business listing so you can add your specials, events, and promotions even when they’re extremely time-sensitive. If you post a last-minute happy hour deal on your website, customers may not see it until well after they’ve gotten home from cocktails and apps with your competition. Announce your Wednesday Wingapalooza on your GMB, though, and you’ve almost instantaneously piqued the interest of anyone looking for a new place to get their buffalo chicken fix.

4. Host an Instagram Contest

The ‘Gram has about 800 million active monthly users and those users “like” more than 4 billion posts a day. That’s a lot of engagement your brand could be plugging into. On Instagram, beautiful pics are just the starting point. After you draw people in, it’s time decide how you’re going to use that attention to further your company goals, and that usually means three things: increasing your number of followers, boosting brand awareness, and generating excitement for a new post or product. Contests tick all three of those boxes.


  • Asking Instagram users “What are you grateful for?” just before Thanksgiving – anyone who comments and tags a friend is eligible for your giveaway
  • Posting a behind-the-scenes image of a new product in production and crowdsourcing names or taglines
  • Encouraging followers to post a selfie with your products along with a specific hashtag (#ILoveYourBrand, for example), with each photo earning a contest entry

Marketing promotions keep things fresh, not just for your customers but for you and your team as well. Sell outside the box and you’ll stand out in the best possible way.