4 Things You Need to Evolve Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

January 31 / Emma / filed under Internet Marketing

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The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing with new opportunities for optimization, and a stagnate strategy will not provide you with the results you need. From machine learning to the ever-growing importance of reputation management, here’s what you should consider in 2020 when it comes to evolving your marketing strategy.

Optimizing With Machine Learning:

You may already be leveraging machine learning in your PPC strategy, but if you’re not, this is a valuable tool for boosting campaign performance. Advertising platforms like Google and Bing have made huge advancements in providing digital marketers with automation tools like smart campaigns and automated bidding, and they’re continuing to innovate all the time. It’s estimated that in 2018, the use of automation led to a 22% increase in conversions for users.

The Rise of Sponsored Content on Social Media:

Organic placement and engagement will always matter. However, if you post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you may find that your placement is not as prominent as it once was. These sites are blurring the line between advertising and content, and advertising could be more effective in getting you in front of the right audience. If you have not invested in paid search or content in the past, it may be time to consider incorporating it into your strategy.

Increased Need for Reputation Management:

We’re more connected than ever before, and the race towards a 5G network means that people will have even more connectivity and search opportunities. It also means that the way you show up online matters more than ever. A bad review or comment could negatively influence your perception with potential customers. Investment in reputation management can help protect you and your brand.

Diversifying Your Platforms:

There are many advertising platforms available to marketers, each with its unique targeting options and opportunities. If your marketing strategy relies on just one of these, you’re limiting your reach for potential customers. In 2020, you should expand your marketing campaign and diversify the platforms you use. Try experimenting with a platform like Facebook, that provides unprecedented demographic targeting, or expand into an additional search audience with Bing.

Get Help with Digital Marketing in 2020

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