5 Signs You’ve Partnered With a Stellar Digital Marketing Agency

July 19 / Chair 10 Marketing Team / filed under Internet Marketing

What’s worse than not having a marketing agency to steer your brand’s strategy? Having the wrong agency at the helm. Putting your trust in a third party isn’t always easy, which is why it’s imperative you learn to recognize what a high-quality digital marketing agency looks like.


1.They Ask a Lot of Questions

No two onboarding processes are exactly the same, which means agencies should tailor the process to each client they welcome into the fold. Look at it like a first date:

  •  Are they asking you about yourself or just talking about their own accomplishments and goals?
  • When they do ask questions, do they give you space to answer?
  • Are they offering a pre-formed strategy up front or gathering information and then coming back with a customized plan?

Your business is unique and should be treated accordingly.


2. They’re Invested in Your Success

Great digital marketing agencies view the agency-client relationship as an ongoing entity rather than a one-off moneymaking opportunity. Effective marketing doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s in your best interest to partner with a team that wants to be in it for the long-haul.

To gauge whether the agency you’re interviewing cares about their clients or just their bottom line, ask them for a few stories about accounts that turned out particularly well. If they have an anecdote or two on the tip of their tongue, that’s a great sign that they truly care how their clients progress, and that kind of emotional investment is practically priceless.


3. They Pick Up the Phone

Dependable communication should be a no brainer for any marketing agency, but you’d be shocked how often companies sign up a big client and then fail to follow up on a regular basis. When your business is on the line, don’t hesitate to demand a dedicated contact who answers your calls and returns emails promptly. Will you have an account specialist or strategist at your beck and call 24/7? Of course not, but regular updates should be a given.


4. They’re Agile

In the ever-changing world of marketing, best practices are constantly evolving. That’s why you’re hiring experts in the first place—you barely have time to juggle all your most crucial in-house tasks let alone stay up to date on the newest trends in SEO or Facebook algorithm changes. Hire an agency that values continuing education, analyzes metrics, and isn’t afraid to adjust their strategy to get better results.


5. They’re Not a One-Trick Pony

It’s tempting to go with an agency that declares itself the “king of Facebook” or the “industry leaders in PPC,” but being good at one thing just isn’t enough. Marketing is made up of many different channels, all interwoven into a complex whole. What you do with one channel automatically affects the others; spread key tasks out amongst multiple vendors and you’ll likely end up with chaos and confusion. Your brand messaging must be cohesive, and that requires a single vision courtesy of a focused agency and a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Choosing a digital marketing agency is a lot like finding your soul mate; it often takes time, and you may have to dance with a few duds before realizing that what first attracts your attention my not be what you ultimately need. Don’t let an underperforming agency put your future at risk. You deserve better, and so does your brand.