Command Google Search Results with Local Service Ads

August 15 / Clare J. / filed under Internet Marketing

Google PPC Ads are a great way to get started advertising for your business. However, it’s not the only advertising option that Google offers. If you want to get more out of your Google Ads, Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a simple and effective way to grow your business. These ads are quite a bit different from PPC search or display ads, and have different benefits and drawbacks. 

Computer monitor with Google search on the screen.

What Are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads help you attract new customers and schedule additional jobs by appearing in relevant local searches. Local Service Ads allow you to connect with customers, drive reviews, and control your budgets all in one place. 

Benefits of Local Service Ads:

  • Local Service Ads always appear at the top of the search results – even above PPC search ads! This means your ad appears in a prime position on the search results page of Google. 
  • You can dispute Local Service Ad leads. If you receive certain disqualifying leads from an LSA ad, you can dispute that lead and it will potentially be refunded. Disqualifying leads include spam calls and calls about services your business doesn’t offer. 
  • The platform is more straightforward than Google PPC Ads. LSAs don’t require the more complex bidding process that are integral to PPC ads, making them a bit less intensive to maintain. 
  • You can build trust with your customers by earning the Google Guaranteed badge once you’ve successfully completed the setup process. 
  • LSA ads are directly connected to your Google My Business account, which means your reviews are easily accessible to potential customers. 

Drawbacks of Local Service Ads:

  • The setup process can be long and complicated. To run Local Service Ads, you must complete a business verification process that includes uploading a business license, insurance, or other necessary documents. You will also have to complete a background check. 
  • You need at least one Google Review to launch ads. This means that newer businesses won’t be able to launch Local Service Ads until they have at least one review. 
  • You have less control over when and where your ads appear. Google’s algorithm is completely in control of when your ad appears, so there is less opportunity to optimize or adjust your ads to get different results. 

With Local Service Ads, customers can only reach you by phone or direct message and the cost per lead tends to be less variable. This can have different effects on lead quality and ad efficacy. Some customers may prefer to book through an online platform, however, only offering phone calls streamlines the booking process. As for cost per lead, there tends to be less fluctuation over time, but your cost per lead may be higher in the LSAs platform than it is for PPC. 

Local Service Ads are widely effective for reaching additional audiences and driving high quality leads.  However, not all marketing agencies include Local Service Ads in their service offerings. At Chair 10 Marketing, we have extensive experience setting up and running Local Service Ads. Want to learn more about the process of setting up LSAs? Contact us today!