Digital Marketing During a Global Crisis

April 14 / Emma / filed under Internet Marketing

marketing during a crisis

The current pandemic has affected lives in unprecedented ways. So many dramatic changes have happened to our way of life in a short amount of time, and we’re all learning the best ways to adapt in real-time. Here is our best advice for communicating with and marketing to your customers during this unusual time:

Communicate Your Health and Safety Procedures

More than ever, your customers want to know what precautions your brand is taking to keep them safe. If you are instituting special procedures to mitigate the spread of germs, relay them to your customers. It’s also important to widely communicate if you are adapting your method of service. This could include delivery, curbside pick-up, virtual consultations, etc. Conveying this can help your customers get what they need, and feel a sense of normalcy too.

You should also communicate the steps you are taking to keep your team safe as well. Many buyers prefer to purchase from brands with strong moral and ethical values. Let your customers know what you are doing to care for your team during this time – and the steps you’re taking to ensure your workers are safe.

Go Digital Where You Can

With the majority of people spending their days at home, you’re more than likely to find your customers spending their time online. Reach them there. When people are searching for things on Google they are looking for a solution to a problem they want to solve. Unlike a TV or radio Ad, people doing Google searches are in the market for what you are providing. Though leads may be fewer during this time, your digital marketing is a valuable tool for reaching the people who are still in need of your product or service.

Maintain Your Presence

During this time, many business owners are facing the difficult task of finding areas to cut back on their budgets. Advertising is often one of the first things to go, but there are a few compelling reasons to continue your marketing efforts if financially feasible. One of the most important reasons to continue advertising is to maintain your brand awareness. Being a familiar presence to customers searching online will not only capitalize on current sales opportunities but also keep you top of mind for customers when things begin to stabilize.

Another important consideration is that with fewer searches happening and many businesses scaling back on their marketing efforts, advertising costs tend to decline. This means that you may be able to stretch your budget further, and potentially face less competition while doing so.

We are all facing a scary and uncertain time. If you need help adapting your digital marketing efforts, our team at Chair 10 Marketing is here to support you.