Meet the Intelligent Business Growth™ Methodology

July 31 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Internet Marketing

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Every agency approaches welcome new clients a little differently. At Chair 10 Marketing, we believe in asking a lot of questions. Why? It’s our way of getting to know you so we can better understand your goals and expectations as well as what makes you stand head and shoulders above the competition. We pride ourselves on being able to zero in on unique ways to amp up your success, but that requires knowing what’s worked well for you in the past and what hasn’t.

To make this process as efficient and effective as possible, we’ve developed our Intelligent Business Growth™ methodology, a five-prong system for identifying goals and executing a phenomenally tailored plan for marketing greatness.


The Wright brothers didn’t just bolt together a few spare parts and soar off into the wild blue yonder. No, those pioneers of flight knew they needed a plan of attack if they were going to make history, and you need the same comprehensive blueprint to advance your marketing. Our Intelligent Business Growth methodology revolves around clear, realistic objectives that allows us to aim high while keeping focus.


Have you ever thought about scheduling your social media posts or tracking reader engagement only to discover that there’s about a billion apps for every task? Where in the world are you supposed to start? The tactics portion of our IBG methodology is when we identify the most potent combination of programs and actions to address the tasks at hand.


A plan is great, but action is even better. When our team kicks into hyper-drive and implements the plan outlined in initial strategy meetings, that’s when real progress begins. We get better results not just because we come up with great strategies, but because we know how to skillfully execute those plans as well.


If you’re guessing as to your marketing results, you’re already losing. One of the most fantastic things about internet marketing is that it provides a plethora of trackable data. There’s never any reason to fly blind or cross your fingers and hope for the best when you can see how your campaigns are performing. We look at everything from ad clicks to keyword traction so you always know exactly where you stand.


Backed by all the data gathered above, we can tweak our plan to maximize ROI. After all, as important as it is to have a road map before you leave home, sometimes you have to make adjustments en route to your destination.

There are some things your business would love to be recognized for—highest performing brand in your niche, fastest selling launch, brands with the best customer loyalty—but other designations are less than complimentary. Are you one of the:

Nobody wants to be that kind of statistic.

Does your marketing team have a method to their madness or are they just winging it, leaving your time, money, and other resources flapping in the wind? The Intelligent Business Growth methodology is the result of years of experience collaborating with clients and working deep in the trenches of digital marketing. We do it because it works.

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