What’s Happening at the Intersection of Digital Transformation and Marketing?

February 27 / Emma / filed under Internet Marketing

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Digital transformation is a hot buzzword today. Exponential growth in technological advancement has already fundamentally changed the way we exist. Yet still, digitization only continues to transform our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. But as the digital landscape evolves, how is it impacting how we market our businesses?

Wealth of Information

At the very core of digital transformation is the pervasive availability of information. It used to be that you had to make an educated guess as to where a potential customer was in their buyer journey and hope you got it right. Now you can track customer actions and use that information to determine not only where they are in the process, but what kind of prospect they are, their buying habits, and a wide range of similar information that is invaluable for catering your strategy.


With the sheer amount of information and advertising that is bombarding today’s consumer, creating a personal advertising and user experience can make all the difference in connecting with your customer. Using metrics and interactions with your website or social media, allows you to more clearly identify your target customers. This information allows you to tailor your ads based on location, remarket to consumers who have shown interest in your product, identify similar audiences, and so much more.

Appropriate Funnel Positioning

You used to have to assume that prospects were starting at the top of your sales funnel, but with today’s analytics, you can tell if they’ve already researched your products. This allows you to accelerate your efforts by targeting consumers with marketing materials from further down the sales funnel. Meaning you’re more likely to target the right customer, with the right information, at the right time.

AI and Automation

The rise in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology has provided us with tools that make our marketing efforts more effective than ever. Among many performance tools, automated bidding has simplified the workload and increased the number of conversions driven on average for those who leverage pay-per-click marketing.

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, transforming, and providing new opportunities. Keep your business competitive by taking the time to learn about and test new advancements. Need a little help? Contact our team at Chair 10 Marketing. We’ll help you craft a marketing strategy that drives results.