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PPC For Medical Spas

When you’re looking to invest in pay-per-click advertising for a medical spa, you want to partner with a digital agency that understands the industry, has proven strategies, and experience navigating the sometimes complex and highly-regulated medical spa space. Chair 10 Marketing has helped several med spas reach their growth goals through targeted search, display, and social ad campaigns.

We have experience helping single location med spas as well as multi-location spas and can tailor a strategy to fit your needs. So, how do we do it?


Chair 10 Marketing Medical Spa Digital Campaigns

Our Approach for Med Spa PPC Success

Sophisticated Audience Targeting 

Getting your digital ads in front of the right audience is essential so that you’re not wasting advertising budget. Unlike a billboard, we can carefully choose who we show our ads to. We will ask you lots of questions in the kickoff call to make sure we understand who your target audience is. From there, we’ll find the audience targeting tools that will help us reach the right people. On Google Ads this might include custom intent audiences, affinity audiences, similar audiences, in-market audiences or interest-based audiences. For Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram we’ll likely deploy remarketing audiences, lookalike audiences, as well as interest and behavior-based audiences.  Looking to reach new patients specifically? Send us a customer list and we can exclude current patients from our advertising audiences.

Search Ads Built to Convert

If you’re running search ads on Google or Bing, you are looking to capture potential customers who are at the bottom of the funnel, raising their hand searching for something like, “I am looking for a medical spa in Seattle!” We will work with you to understand the specific services you’d like to promote and create a keyword strategy that makes sense for your area and your goals. We are experts at getting in front of the right searches and weeding out those that are irrelevant through negative keyword work. Your search campaign is likely where you’ll see most of your conversions coming in, but social and display ads leveraging compelling creative and sophisticated audience targeting help bring people into the funnel in the first place and improve the efficacy of your search campaigns as well.

Competitive Analysis 

Maybe you’re in a very competitive area with several competitors within a few miles of you. When that is the case, we recommend really examining your competition before launching your own PPC ads. For example, what promotions are competitors running in ad copy? What keywords are they going after? Are there any national competitors spending to run ads in your area? Understanding this landscape will help us launch with ads that can compete and help you win clicks and business over your competitors.

Creative That Resonates 

Creative is always an important part of any digital campaign, but it’s especially important for medical spas. You want to visually tell the story of your business and the service offerings you provide. You need succinct and clear messaging to draw people in as they scroll. Often medical spas already have some images, videos, or other assets they can leverage for their advertising. We can turn those into creative that resonates for search, display, and social. Already have a creative team or designer in-house? We work with creative teams all the time and can let them know what assets would be ideal for paid digital efforts.

Landing Pages That Drive Booked Appointments 

Audience targeting and creative efforts help us to get the right people to click on your ads. But then, it’s up to the landing page: the page a user is taken to after they click on an ad. This page needs to be specific to whatever service the user searched for. It also needs to be optimized to drive conversions. You’re paying for each click, so you want to get as many people contacting you or scheduling appointments as possible. We are experts at building landing pages for med spas that convert. We always make sure the landing page matches the look and feel of your full website and also adheres to any brand guidelines.

Campaigns That Can Scale With You

Many of the med spas we work with regularly open new locations. We can put together digital strategy for grand openings, and make sure any new clinic starts off with a full calendar. As you bring on more clinicians or have more availability in-clinic, we can ramp up advertising efforts to make sure schedules are full. We regularly highlight impression share data to give you an ongoing picture of the growth opportunities for PPC. Once you have a well-optimized campaign, you can turn up the dial to get more booked appointments when you need them.

Get in Touch

We offer free consultations and can customize service offerings to meet your needs. Ready to bring in more booked appointments for your medical spa? Get in touch today and one of our experts can help craft a digital marketing strategy to meet your goals.

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