Landing Page 101: How to Optimize for Maximum Performance

September 03 / Clare J. / filed under Internet Marketing

In digital marketing, your landing page is just as important as your ads. The landing page is the web page where your ads or links redirect after they are clicked on. Landing pages can serve different purposes depending on your product, goals, or sales funnel. Regardless of your landing page’s purpose, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that it is optimized to meet your goals! Here are our tips for building and testing landing pages to reach optimal performance:

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Build Your Landing Pages With Purpose

Some landing pages are meant to convert, while others are built to inform. Every landing page should be designed with your business goal in mind. You may be interested in prompting phone calls, collecting email sign-ups, or simply informing the potential customer about your products or business. For example, If you’d like to drive calls to your booking center, your phone number should be prominent and easy to find, and you should use ad copy that encourages customers to call for more information. Each landing page should be unique and serve a specific purpose for your campaign. 

Test, Test, Test!

After you have built your initial landing page and collected some performance data, it’s time to test. A/B testing, which is a randomized test for comparing 2 versions of your landing page, is an important step towards optimization. You may wish to test different ad copy or headlines, images, fonts, or lead form placements. You’d be surprised how much small details make a difference! Landing pages that experiment more with customization and collect more data on user preferences often yield more successful campaigns. Then you can use that data to build even better landing pages in the future. 

Follow Up With Your Converters

Landing pages work because they rely on an exchange of information between you and the customer. When someone arrives on your landing page and takes the desired action, whether it be a phone call or joining an email list, make sure you follow-up with them! A great way to do this is with a “Thank You” page or pop-up, which confirms that their request or information has been received, and that you appreciate their interest. This page could also contain additional information or offers. Good follow-up with customers can help create a more positive experience down the line, and contributes to whether a customer decides to come back. 

Even though landing pages appear after your digital ads, they are just as important as the content of your ads. Landing pages convey the value of your product and make it easy for searchers to get the information they are looking for. They also allow you as a business owner to introduce your brand in a specific way, depending on your advertising goals. You’ll want to dedicate just as much time to your landing pages as you do to your pay-per-click ads. 

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