How to Leverage Discovery Ads for Higher Ed

January 20 / Clare J. / filed under Miscellaneous

You’ve heard of Display campaigns, now get ready for Discovery campaigns! Discovery campaigns are a unique type of Display campaign that show ads exclusively on Google-owned properties. This includes YouTube, Social & Promotion tabs within Gmail, and the Google mobile app. These ads are highly customizable, allowing you to upload a selection of headlines, ad images, and logos that Google’s AI combines into compelling visual ads. 

Discovery ads are particularly useful for higher education institutions because they appear in high-value placements. Google properties are used by over 3 billion customers that engage regularly with the content on their feeds. Discovery ads can help your educational institution reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and remarket to valuable customers. People pointing at laptop screen

Reach New Audiences

Gmail, YouTube, and Google are some of the most widely and frequently used mobile applications across devices. This means your ads will appear in front of potential customers in highly reputable placements when customers are most likely to engage. You can also leverage custom audiences built upon past search behavior or interests and affinities.  This allows you to show hyper-relevant ads to customers as they complete routine tasks and view their favorite content. Discovery ads allow you to spark customer interest among brand new audiences.

Build Brand Awareness

Discovery ads are a great way to expand your digital advertising efforts at scale. The customizable nature of Discovery Ads allow you to create a seamless brand experience on different platforms. Quality visual ads integrated into your customers’ personalized feeds create trust, consistency, and curiosity amongst your most valuable audiences. 

Remarket to Your Most Valuable Audiences 

Much like standard display campaigns, Discovery campaigns  can utilize custom targeting, such as customer lists or retargeting audiences. Specific audience lists let you re-engage with customers who have shown an interest in your university or pursuing further education. Remarketing is a crucial ingredient for higher ed digital campaign success. Leading up to an application deadline, you want to have full coverage remarketing reminding people who attended info sessions, requested info, or started applications to get those applications across the finish line in time.  

Discovery ads can round out your digital marketing strategy, providing visually engaging ads that will reach users at scale affordably, while driving clicks more efficiently than Google display campaigns alone.  They can help you accomplish a variety of campaign goals, including driving awareness, website visits, and conversions. 

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