Reach New Audiences With Custom Intent Display Campaigns

June 03 / Clare J. / filed under Miscellaneous

One of the biggest goals of any advertising campaign is reaching your ideal audience. Google Ads has many options for reaching groups that might be interested in your business or have shown interest in it before. Custom intent audiences are one of the many ways you can expand audience targeting to reach the most qualified potential customers. If you’re hoping to expand your audience targeting in a strategic and targeted way, read on to learn more about custom intent display campaigns.

What is a Custom Intent Display Campaign?

A custom intent campaign is a display campaign that uses specific targeting to reach potential customers. Custom intent campaigns are able to reach new audiences that may need your services, even if they are not familiar with your brand or have not seen one of your search ads. Audiences for custom intent campaigns allow you to reach people based on their interests and search behavior, websites they’ve visited, or apps that they use. This allows you to show ads to people actively researching your product or service.

When Should You Use a Custom Intent Audience?

You should use custom intent campaigns when you want to expand your audience targeting without spending significantly more marketing budget. Because custom intent campaigns are display campaigns, they are also great for building brand awareness. Custom intent campaigns are the perfect complement to  search and remarketing campaigns. They allow you to reach more people in this qualified audience and can sometimes outperform Search and Remarketing in terms of conversions.  

How Do You Build a Custom Intent Audience?

Google Ad’s allows you to build custom audiences on its advertising platforms. You can create custom intent audiences using relevant keywords, URLs, and apps. Start by identifying relevant search terms and sites that potential customers might be looking at for information. You can use those lists to target potential customers interested in relevant products or services 

Custom intent display campaigns are a great strategy to expand the reach of your digital marketing campaigns. If you have success with this strategy, you can also target this same audience with other campaign types, like Discovery campaigns and YouTube campaigns. 

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