Chair 10 Marketing Again Named Google Premier Partner for 2022

March 31 / Clare J. / filed under News

There are countless digital marketing agencies out there and just about all of them claim to be experts. So how can you be certain the agency you’re talking to really knows their stuff?

Luckily, Google has a Premier Partner Program which helps cut through the noise. And Chair 10 Marketing has once again been named a Google Premier Partner here in 2022! 

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Chair 10 Marketing has been part of the program since its inception and we continue to qualify for this prestigious program which only includes the top 3% of agencies every year. It is more exclusive and not the same as the Google Members or Google Partners program. In order to be a Google Premier Partner agency, we must meet specific certification requirements, have well-optimized accounts, drive strong performance, and manage a minimum amount of ad spend to qualify. 

Every year all Google Premier Partner agencies are evaluated and it is not guaranteed that they will maintain their Google Premier Partner status. In fact, the requirements keep getting tougher.

Perks For Google Premier Partners 

As a Google Premier Partner agency, we have special access to betas, industry data and trends, and customized training and support from Google for our team. 

Special Access to Betas

There is always a new ad type, tool, or product feature coming down the line. Want to get to try it out and figure it out before everyone else can? We can get accounts included in betas that are being rolled out in Google Ads. 

Industry Data & Trends

We work with clients across a variety of industries and sometimes we need to do a deeper dive into a specific industry to fully understand competition, key search terms, and where the industry is headed. That’s where custom, industry-specific reporting from our Google team comes in handy. This is key as we plan for advertising success for our clients. 

Specialized Training

Our dedicated Google team comes out to our Seattle office to give us training on new features and best practices within Google Ads which helps us drive even better results for our clients. In an industry where things can change a lot (and quickly) this has been an invaluable asset for our team.

Regular Meetings with our Google Team 

We are in regular communication with our contacts at Google and have a dedicated team to help us both with strategy and implementation within Google Ads. Our Google team has flown in for special events, supported our staff at sales meetings and conferences, and joined us for key meetings with current clients. We have robust, comprehensive support from Google whenever we need it.

Look For the Badge

Chair 10 Marketing Google Premier Partner

So when you’re sifting through countless digital marketing agency websites trying to find a diamond in the rough, make sure you check to see if there’s a Google Premier Partner 2022 badge on the site!

Ready to work with a Google Premier Partner? You’ve found it in Chair 10 Marketing. Get in touch today to meet with one of our experts.