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We start every client relationship by asking a lot of questions.

We want to understand how your business is performing and what your objectives are. We want to know what is working well and what isn’t.

After years of working with clients, we’ve developed our Intelligent Business Growth™ methodology. Using this process, we are able to focus in on what a client’s key goals are, and then execute on Internet marketing tactics to help them reach those specific goals.


Intelligent Business Growth™ Methodology

  • Plan: Without clear objectives you have no way of focusing your limited time and resources. We work with clients to define the key objectives that will lead to success for their business. This determines everything else.
  • Tactics: Internet marketing is a vast arena with an ever-growing list of programs and tactics that can be used. We determine the ideal mix of initial Internet marketing tactics to use for each particular client.
  • Execution: We implement and manage on an ongoing basis the mix of Internet marketing tactics for each client. Our expertise enables us to apply the correct tactics for each particular client, according to their particular situation.
  • Track/Evaluate: Internet marketing is the most trackable form of advertising. If you don’t correctly setup the tracking of your Internet marketing programs, then you are flying blind. You won’t be able to tell which Internet marketing program produced the highest ROI, so that you can do more of that tactic. We setup all the proper tracking, and evaluate the results.
  • Adjust: The proper approach to Internet marketing is to always be evaluating the performance of each of your tactics, so that you can adjust your mix of tactics as appropriate.
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