After the Click: Building Landing Pages with STAYing Power

August 29 / Katie / filed under Pay-Per-Click

You’ve organized your campaign, carefully crafted your ad, and made sure your ad ranks well when people search for your service or product. Soon your ad is appearing when customers search. They read your ad and then decide, yes, this warrants a click.

Your ad has done its job and now it’s up to your landing page to deliver.

So, what’s the magic recipe for a good landing page? To better help you understand what makes a customer explore your landing page and what sends them running for the “Back” button, we’ve devised two helpful acronyms: STAY and FLEE.

Simple, straightforward design. You may be tempted, when designing your landing page, to wow the visitors with excessive media. However, stuffing the page full of videos, photos, animation, a lime green background, and your favorite Jack Johnson song might be overkill. Instead, keep the design neat and relevant.

Typo-free, well-written text. If you haven’t taken the time to proofread every inch of your landing page, why should a customer take the time to read it? At the same time, make sure your text is on topic and succinct. They don’t need to hear the whole story about how your great-grandfather sold his first lawnmower in 1914. They just want to buy a lawnmower.

Answer the basic questions. Include your phone number, hours of operation, and location. Now that they have clicked your ad, you can provide more in-depth info about the product you provide. Always have a contact form for them to email you any further questions. Make it easy for them to find out more and become a customer!

You made a promise in your ad. Your landing page must deliver that promise. If you said there was a 50% discount on lawnmowers, the landing page should not detail your hanging flower pots. Also, your landing page should not simply be the home page of your website. This forces the customer to start from the beginning and hunt around for the lawnmower sale. Have the content in the original ad expanded and explained. After all, that is why they clicked!

And now, some clues as to why people are clicking and then fleeing.

Forms that pop up and demand your name, birthday, email, social security number, etc. Requiring customers to subscribe or sign up before they even see if they like the site is not fair. Earn the trust of the customer first, then ask for information. Having a pop-up will also negatively affect your AdRank.

Loading…The anticipation is killing me and your conversions! If your site takes 20 or even 10 seconds to load, chances are many customers have already moved on.

Everyone else’s page looks like this. Your landing page should stand out from your competition. Avoid having similar jargon, content, and media. What sets you apart and makes your product the best one to buy?

Everything’s so tiny when I’m searching for this lawnmower on my phone! Making sure that your site has responsive design and will reshape itself to fit whatever screen size the customer is using is essential. No one likes a mobile site that makes you zoom and click.

If you’re getting a lot of clicks, but not a lot of conversions, sprucing up your landing page could be the key. Some of these tips may seem like they go without saying, but a quick google search for lawnmowers seems to suggest otherwise. Of course, the good people of the lawnmower industry aren’t the only ones with landing page problems. The Internet is full of landing pages that need help, and that’s where Chair 10 Marketing can come to the rescue. Reach out to us today if you need to take your landing page game to the next level!

Did we miss anything? When you see a landing page, what makes you stay and what makes you flee?