Get the Scoop on Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

May 28 / Clare J. / filed under Pay-Per-Click

Non-profit organizations are often working to make big changes with small budgets – luckily, Google Ads offers a specific program for nonprofit organizations. Google Ad Grants for nonprofits is a program designed to help organizations around the world get the message out about their mission, interact with potential donors, and engage with new volunteers. Eligible organizations can be granted up to $10,000 USD in ad spending per month from Google. If you’re looking to expand the work and impact of your nonprofit organization, here’s what you need to know about Google Ad Grants:

Google Ad Grants allow your nonprofit to work as a team to meet your goals.

The first step in getting a Google Ad Grant is to ensure your organization is eligible. To be eligible, your nonprofit must be a verified nonprofit and meet all the requirements of a nonprofit in your country. You can learn more about the eligibility and verification process here.

Once you have been verified and approved by Google Ads, they will provide an ad account for your organization. Google Ad Grants are provided in their own separate ads account, so you do not need to create your own. You will be invited to access the account and accept the billing terms and conditions.

Once you have your Google Ad Grant account, you can begin building your ad campaigns! Ads run through Google Ad Grants have a few special criteria they must meet, including: 

Google Ad Grants Program Policies

  1. Keywords cannot be overly generic, and they must be made up of more than one word (with a few exceptions). Google Ad Grants keywords also must be high quality – keywords with low quality scores should be monitored and paused regularly.
  2. Google Ad Grants accounts must maintain a click-through rate of at least 5% each month. This means that at least 5% of the people who see your ads should be clicking through to your landing page – this ensures your ads are appearing to the right audience at the right time.
  3. You must implement conversion tracking, if applicable. This means that you are keeping track of your conversions in your Google Ad Grant account. Meaningful conversions are a great way to measure the success of your campaign.
  4. Accounts must be structured such that they have at least 2 ad groups per campaign, and ads must utilize sitelink extensions, which direct users to specific landing pages on your website.
  5. Google Ad Grants recipients must also complete a yearly program survey.

There are a few other policies that Google Ad Grant recipients must follow to ensure that their ads are performing well. Be sure to read through all of Google’s policies and expectations for grant recipients on their website!

Google Ad Grants are a great way to help your nonprofit organization meet their goals and drive positive change in the world. If you want to make the most of your Google Ad Grant, our digital advertising experts at Chair 10 Marketing can help! We have experience optimizing and running Google Ad Grant accounts, so we can ensure that your nonprofit is reaching new audiences and supporters while complying with Google’s grant policies. Want to learn more? Contact us today!