Get to Know the Google Ads Editor Update

August 15 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Pay-Per-Click

google ads editor

Google has released the much-anticipated update to the Ads Editor, and it comes with some new features. If you aren’t familiar with the Google Ads Editor: it’s a free application that lets you make changes to your Google Ads account in bulk. It’s what we use to launch new campaigns and make large edits to existing campaigns. And now there is a new version out with some interesting features to explore.

The Image Picker

Version 1.1 released in July comes with a bright and shiny new image picker. It was a hassle to work with images in the previous version because there was no way to save an image to the system so you could use it in multiple places. Companies creating 50 new ads a month would have to upload their logo or product image every time.

With the new image picker, once you upload an image, you can reuse it whenever you want.

Dark Mode

The dark mode feature allows you to switch the interface of the Google Ads Editor to a decidedly darker hue. To go dark, just click the half-moon icon at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to switch back, click the sun icon.

IP Exclusions

Google Ads Editor now offers a way to exclude IP addresses per campaign with the new update. In other words, you can keep your ad from showing up on networks that contain customers who are unlikely to convert.

Accounts Manager

The accounts manager is the right choice for those who work in multiple Google Ads accounts or MCCs. It allows you to manage everything from one dashboard. The upgrade includes checkboxes that let you control actions on multiple campaigns at once.

Exact Search

The previous search function provided broad results. The new version narrows down the results to make them more exact. For instance, before the update, if you typed “coffee cups” you might have seen ad campaigns for coffee beans and coffee makers, too. With the new exact search, you’ll see coffee cups beige or coffee cups black without having to weed through unrelated campaigns.

The Google Ads Editor version 1.1 came out at the end of July and is now available to all Ads users. Not sure if Google Ads make sense for your business? Let our digital marketing specialists help you get to know the Google Ads Editor program and all its new features better before you decide.