A Glossary of Google Ad Extensions

April 19 / Clare J. / filed under Pay-Per-Click

Google Ads is the most commonly used digital marketing platforms in the world, and it offers a variety of tools and methods to help optimize your ads. One such tool is Ad Extensions, which broadens your digital ad to include more relevant information and encourage users to choose your business. Ad extensions allow you to include information like your location, phone number, hours of operation, services, and products. This additional content encourages users to interact with your ads, and makes your ads more likely to catch the eye of your prospective customers. One of the best features of ad extensions is that they improve your ads at no additional cost. 

computer screen showing google analytics

Choosing the right ad extension for your goals can help maximize your ad’s impact. Here is our guide to some of the most common ad extensions available on Google:

  • Location Extension: Location extensions call out your business’s location and contact information. Location extensions make directions, business information, and your phone number easily accessible to potential customers. This is a great feature to use if you are trying to drive customers to visit your storefront, or you would like to establish yourself as a locally owned and operated business.
  • Call Extension: Call extensions make your phone number visible and accessible to people searching for your business, products, or services. A call extension also allows searchers to click the number to place a call, or click-through to your website. If customers are likely to call your business for more information, place orders, or schedule services, call extensions are a great choice for your ads.  
  • Callout Extensions: Callout extensions allow you to advertise unique or special aspects of your business or services. This includes features like Free Shipping, Same-Day Service, or Discounts. Callout extensions should be detailed and highlight specific benefits that would encourage customers to choose your business. 
  • Price Extensions: Price extensions highlight your products and prices more prominently in Google searches. Users are able to interact with your products without visiting your site, and any clicks on your product listings redirect to your website. This extension is a great way to draw customers to your site without adding extra text or ad headlines. 

Ad extensions are a great way to improve the performance of your ads, engage with potential customers, and drive new leads without spending more. Extensions are easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs of your business. There are also many more ad extensions available for use through Google Ads.

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