How to Maximize LinkedIn Advertising for Higher Education

November 01 / Clare J. / filed under Pay-Per-Click

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking platform with over 180 million users. It is where professionals turn to network, learn, and explore opportunities online. That means it is the place to be for higher education institutions looking to grow their student body and market their programs. Here are some of the best ways to maximize your marketing presence on LinkedIn: 

Use Targeting to Reach Your Ideal Students

LinkedIn really stands out from the pack as a platform offering powerful targeting tools for higher education. Understanding and using the variety of targeting abilities within the platform can help your ads reach specific populations. When deciding what audiences to target on LinkedIn, it is important to consider what kind of student each program or course offering is designed for. You can then reach those students using criteria such as years of experience, job function, groups, interests, seniority, or education level. Using LinkedIn as a platform to boost awareness can be key as it can help grow your remarketing lists with highly qualified and on-target users. 

Optimize Your Ad Creative

Your ads tell the story of your brand and institution. Ads can utilize graphics and ad copy to share data, tell brand stories, and offer specific details about your programs. Start with sponsored content news feed ads, and then complement those with message ads or conversation ads, for example.  Customizing your ads for different programs, as well as different stages of your lead funnel, can help you reach a wider audience while targeting the specific professionals your programs are designed to reach.

Keep An Open Mind Around Cost and Lead Volume

As much success as we see on LinkedIn among higher education clients, we also know that LinkedIn often requires a larger investment than other ad platforms available for advertisers; it’s not a platform that can bring you a lot if your budget is only a few hundred dollars. However, when adequately funded, LinkedIn can make or break the success of a program. Do not underestimate the value of getting your message in front of the right people! Having patience and a plan of your long- and short-term goals is the key to success on LinkedIn. 

There are few places on the internet where so many ambitious professionals gather to gain knowledge and explore continuing their education as on LinkedIn. Advertising on LinkedIn certainly requires a plan, carefully curated content, and a little patience, but it’s one of the best places to reach prospective students. 

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