Microsoft Taking Over Search in Late 2010 or Early 2011

February 18 / Mark Kelly / filed under Pay-Per-Click

It’s official – Microsoft and Yahoo announced today they’ve received regulatory clearance from the U.S. and European Union to combine their search engine efforts.

What does this mean? It means by the 2010 holiday season (or by early 2011, MS and Yahoo are giving themselves some wiggle room on the actual date), when consumers do a search on, the results will be delivered by They will be search results.

Also, the pay-per-click ads that come up when a search is done on will be delivered by Bing/Microsoft. For pay-per-click advertisers, if they want to run ads on, when this transition occurs they will now manage those ads using Microsoft’s AdCenter platform (which advertisers currently use to only manage ads shown on

So the big Microsoft/Yahoo search engine deal has received regulatory approval, and it is full steam ahead for the folks at Microsoft and Yahoo working on implementing the transition.

Note: Microsoft and Yahoo have set up a Website to provide ongoing information about this transition.