The Benefits of a Quality Landing Page

July 08 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Pay-Per-Click

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In digital marketing, the term “landing page” refers to any online destination that a user reaches by clicking on a hyperlink that appears on another, outside webpage. If you are involved with an online sales or promotional campaign, you’ll recognize your landing page as whatever website section that interested parties will immediately see after clicking on an embedded link in a blog post, a social media page, a digital advertisement, or any other form of digital marketing outreach.

Digital Marketing Without Customized Landing Pages

Many organizations choose the homepage of their official website as a de facto landing page. This is both straightforward and inexpensive. However, potential customers in search of particular product, service, or piece of information may become frustrated and lose interest if they hit a landing page that doesn’t address their specific wants and needs.

To combat this issue, you may opt to direct traffic to one or more specific service or product pages on your existing website, but these pages may still fall short when it comes to prompting customers to commit to an official purchase or another desired response.

The Power of Customized Landing Pages

Although you might eschew customized landing pages as an unnecessary expense, the fact remains that even the most strategically designed homepage or product/service page will fall short when it comes to getting website visitors to complete your desired goal (otherwise known as a conversion). For this reason, most organizations implement customized landing pages to get a far greater return on their investment.

Because they are able to address any desired topic perfectly, offer targeted details that build consumer trust, and lead users to the desired result through a single and clear call-to-action, customized landing pages can dramatically increase conversation rates (the total number of conversions when compared with the total number of website visitors).

A blind case study by the independent online business publication Business 2 Community revealed a significant boost in conversion rate from ditching a conventional website service page in favor of a customized landing page that adheres to all relevant industry best practices, is fully optimized for mobile devices, and offers a range of trust-building topics and contact information.

Before the switch, the organization’s digital marketing campaign was performing respectfully when it came to driving traffic to its website, but its overall conversion rate of 3.36 percent was relatively low. Furthermore, traffic driven from internet advertisements had a relatively high cost-per-conversion at $24.60.

After switching to customized landing pages, the organization was able to increase its overall conversation rate to 16.67 percent. That’s an overall improvement of more than 400 percent! The organization was also able to cut cost-per-conversion in half to achieve a final figure of only $10.22. Even more impressive, this dramatic change occurred within the space of just two weeks.

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