Why Aren’t My Ads Showing?

December 07 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Pay-Per-Click

“I’m Googling my business and my ads aren’t showing.”

“Why can’t I see my ad? I’m typing artisanal bath bombs.

“If I can’t see my ads, how do I know that my customers are seeing them?”

These are some of the most common questions we receive from new clients. So if you’re wondering this yourself, rest assured that you are not alone. In this post, we will answer those questions and more.

But first, a few key terms:

  • Impressions: this is the number of times your ads were shown to people searching for your services.
  • Average Position: often abbreviated AP, this metric tells us, on average, where you are showing on the Search Engine Results Page. An average position of 1 means that you are always the first on the page. Most campaigns hover around position 2, which means it fluctuates but ads are appearing most often in the second spot.

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Average Position is, Well, the Average

Let’s say your ad appeared 10 times yesterday. It appeared:

  • in the first spot 5 times;
  • in the second spot 2 times;
  • in the third spot 2 times; and,
  • towards the bottom of the page (the fifth spot) once.

Based on these numbers, your average position was 2. You ads showed, on average, in the second spot on the page—but not every time. Because Google Ads is a competitive marketplace, your ads are sometimes simply outbid by the competition. That’s why Googling your keywords isn’t the most reliable indicator of where your customers will see your ads.

Keywords Matter

Our job as digital marketers is to make your limited budget go as far as it can, and sometimes that means you won’t show up for every relevant keyword. Instead, you’ll show up for keywords that are both relevant and lead to conversions.

In any given campaign, we might be bidding on hundreds of different keywords. Using data collected over time, we raise and lower the bids on more and less important keywords. For example, we might find that the bath bombs keyword—although very relevant to your business—leads to a lot of clicks but not a lot of sales. Those searchers might just be window shopping. In that case, we would allocate more of your budget to seasonal bath bombs or local bath bombs, which both generate a better return on your investment.

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Time of Day Matters

Depending on the size and scope of your campaign, searching later in the day might yield fewer results. This is because once you spend your daily budget, your ads no longer show. Never fear—part of our strategy is to save your budget for the most important clicks and the most important times of the day. Your ads might not be showing when you search because potential customers and clients have already seen your ads and given you a call.

If you are in a bigger city or just a competitive market, you may need to raise your budget to ensure that your ads are being seen throughout the day. Otherwise, we will run your ads during the times when they are making the most impact.

Where you Search From Matters

Depending on your geographic targeting, you might not see your ads because you’re outside of your target area. Being even one zip code over could make a difference.

You Have Access to the Data

Your account manager is always happy to confirm that your ads are running, but if you want to see the numbers for yourself, check out our handy dashboard. There, you can see how many folks are seeing your ads (impressions) and how high your ads are ranking (average position). You can also see clicks, spend, and conversions for any date range.

This solution is also ideal because Googling your keywords can throw off your stats, making it harder for us to optimize your campaigns.

That’s It!

Remember: search results for every person are going to be different based on various factors, such as search history, time of day, geography, and what your competitors are doing. So even if you search the same search phrase as someone else, you could get different results.

We hope that this article helps answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 206-529-4310.