The Case for Reputation Management

January 27 / Emma / filed under Reputation Management

reputation monitoring


Our world is getting a little smaller every day. With constant online engagement becoming the new norm, platforms like Google and Yelp help thousands of potential customers make decisions about working with a business. This means word travels fast, and reputation is everything. How do you keep your business competitive in this new virtual environment? Two words: reputation management.

You may try your best to stay on top of your social media accounts and review sites, but devoting large amounts of time to it is not always in your best interest. Whether you’re a roofer, software developer, restaurant or retail company, every moment that you spend managing your business’ reputation is one less moment you can spend doing what you do best – building your business.

But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore your company’s reputation. It’s estimated that about three billion people are active on social media and the Internet today. In this fast-moving digital world, it takes very little time for your business to suffer irreparable harm from an unhappy customer or online trolls. Ignoring bad reviews, attacks, and libelous comments can make your other customers think that they may be true, costing you vital business.

The other side of the debate is the value of positive online reviews. It’s estimated that 84% of consumers trust businesses that have positive online reviews as much as having a friend or family member make a personal recommendation about a business. Positive online reviews, especially those hosted by an independent third party, are of vital importance to business success according to 97% of business owners.

Unfortunately, many businesses simply can’t keep up with the reviews and ratings that are happening daily. That’s why so many companies hire a reputation management service for help. But what does this type of service do for your company in the long run?

A reputation management service focuses on maintaining and improving your company’s online reputation, they can get on top of negative reviews quickly and mitigate any potential damage. A good reputation management service will also engage with customers who leave positive reviews, creating a strong rapport and a good impression for potential customers. This frees up your time so you can focus on managing your business instead of micromanaging your online reputation.

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