Do You Need to Respond to Every Review?

September 24 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Reputation Management

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Business is booming, you’re having a great day…and then you see it. A less than stellar review on a site like Google or Yelp. A negative or even a neutral review on one of these sites can send even the heartiest business owner into a panic. Learning how and why to respond to reviews (even the negative ones) allows you to take a proactive stance when it comes to your online reputation and ensures your brand is presented in the best possible light.

Why Respond to Reviews?

When you take the time to acknowledge and respond to reviews, you are letting readers know just how much you care about their customer experience. You are also showcasing your ability to handle problems, as well as how well your business responds to customer concerns. If you only respond to the negative reviews, they’ll get the most attention; responding to all reviews boosts your engagement, ensures your brand looks active and thriving, and shows you care about your reputation.

Boost your SEO and Brand Perception

Every time you get a review, it enhances your online presence. Since reviews are searchable, you may find that your Yelp or Google review page outranks your actual business. Because of this, replying to reviews swiftly is critical. Your response will show up to anyone reading, sometimes before they see any of your carefully crafted content.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Responding to accolades and praise is easy and even fun. Responding to a critical review is far more challenging, particularly if the writer is very harsh or misrepresents the circumstances of their complaint. Resist the urge to fire off a response in anger; you will almost certainly regret it, and an equally harsh response will drive more customers away than the original review. Instead, wait until you calm down and approach the reviewer with gratitude (as difficult as it may be) for letting you know about their experience. You’ll not only discharge any volatility, but you’ll also show just how committed you are to your customers and their experiences.

Winning Formula for Responding to Reviews

You do not have to be a great writer to make an amazing impression with your review responses. Just follow the formula below to craft a complete and thoughtful response to every review you get:

  1. Address reviewer by name and thank them for responding
  2. Acknowledge what they’ve said – positive or negative
  3. Thank them for the compliment or apologize for the problem
  4. If the review is negative, resolve the complaint and showcase what you did
  5. Thank them for using your business and add a personal note, along with your name and position

Incorporating each of these elements in every response makes it easy to create custom answers to every review, even the tough ones. Write your response after you’ve had a chance to absorb what was said, particularly if the review is a rough one. Responding in anger won’t restore your rating, but will further antagonize the reviewer (and other readers, too).

Get Help with Reputation Management

Responding to every review your brand gets is a first step towards taking a proactive approach to reputation management. Learn more about making your brand shine online and on the most influential review sites around; Chair 10 Marketing can help ensure your business is presented as it should be. Get in touch today to learn how reviews and reputation management impacts your organization and for forging lasting connections with your customers.