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SEO for Seattle and Beyond

Chair 10 Marketing can help your website to rank and get more traffic with our SEO services. We have the experience and expertise to understand your business objectives and translate them into effective SEO strategies and tactics to deliver high-quality search engine rankings for your website.

With every Google update, locally-customized search engine results are becoming more and more important. As Google continues to change the format of their search results pages, they continue to increase this emphasis on Google My Business pages in their results. We have local SEO expertise and can help you with rising higher in these local rankings.

We offer SEO consulting and SEO services for clients across the country – we are here to help your business compete and win customers on the virtual battlefield that is today’s internet marketing landscape.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of creating and fine-tuning your website to get high organic results in search engines for your targeted keyword phrases. In Seattle and across the world, search engines are where we turn to get answers, find services, or make purchases. 4.3 billion people use Google every day.

When someone goes to Google or another search engine and types in a query, the results page after searching shows ads at the top and beneath that all of the unpaid or organic listings. The three largest search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing – all use slightly different algorithms to determine which pages rank highest. SEO involves understanding and implementing the best practices for increasing those rankings and

in turn, increasing your exposure to the people who are trying to find your business online.

It’s important to distinguish between two sets of search engine results that come up for any particular search. There are “organic” or “natural” results, which a company cannot pay to be placed in a certain position. These are typically in the center of the search engine results page. There are also paid search results which companies can pay on a per-click basis to be listed in a certain position on the search engine results page for a particular keyword search. These results are typically at the very top of the results and are labeled as “sponsored” listings or include a the “ad” label.

How to Implement SEO

Optimizing your site for search engines takes careful, detail-oriented planning and execution, and constant ongoing work to maintain or increase your positions.

No one can guarantee you a particular search engine result for a particular search – there are too many variables that the search engines use to determine the rankings. So beware of any company that guarantees you a number 1 ranking for your keyword. There is always a catch.

That being said, by following SEO best practices and creating and marketing your website with SEO in mind, you will achieve significant increases in your search engine results. Key SEO best practices include:

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Site Development

Making sure your website is developed so that search engine robots or spiders (they crawl the Internet indexing all web pages) can easily access and understand content on your pages.

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Keyword Targeting

Determining which keywords are most important to the success of your business and writing (or editing) the content on your site so that it is focused on this set of keywords.

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Optimizing the internal linking of pages in your site for SEO. Obtaining other websites related to your business to link to your website.

Our Approach for SEO Success

Implementing and managing SEO for Seattle and any area across the nation can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we are here to help! Doing at a minimum basic search engine optimization for your website is essential for any business operating on the Internet. But do you have time to become an expert on all the various algorithms search engines use to rank sites? No, you have to run your business! Use Chair 10 Marketing as your SEO expert and internet marketing partner.

  • Analyze your product and market
  • Create a set of target keywords and work with you to refine it
  • Assess the structure of your website and advise your developers on any changes needed to allow for better indexing by search engines (Can the search engine robots effectively reach and spider your site? Are your website URL’s search engine-friendly?)
  • Edit website text and create new website pages to optimize your site for your target keyword phrases
  • Edit internal links and link text to follow SEO best practices
  • Analyze the number of inbound links your site currently has and compare this with your key competitors
  • Create a gameplan to increase your site’s inbound links
  • Create monthly reports to track progress of getting organic rankings for target keywords
  • Modify website (tweak text, build new pages), create content, generate more inbound links, measure results, etc.
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