4 Ways to Manage Content Marketing on a Budget

May 07 / Andrew Kopp / filed under SEO

content marketing

You’ve been force-fed the phrase “content is king” so many times you’ve started hearing it in the wah-wah voice used by Charlie Brown’s teacher. But there’s a reason experts keep hammering the lesson home: content continues to be the very best way you can connect with your audience, start a conversation, and eventually convert that rapport into sales.

The thing is, generating great content can also be expensive. The strategy itself is worth its weight in gold and sometimes costs just as much. Freelancer writers with a unique point of view and the skills to make anything sound interesting aren’t cheap.

Mind your bottom line by employing these four tips designed to help you save money on your content marketing strategy.

1. Buy into Content Curation

Original content is crucial, but you should be supplementing those pieces with content curated from trustworthy third-party sources. Curation is simply handpicking stellar blogs, articles, and other collateral, tacking on a note or insight of your own, and sharing it with your audience.

It’s a great way to build a wider web presence, offer value to your followers, and exponentially expand your feed, all for free.

2. Invest in Evergreen Content — And Reuse It

Some content is time sensitive, like a post about upcoming Black Friday sales or a list of statistics from an industry undergoing rapid change. More timeless “evergreen” content is relevant whether the reader sees it now or years down the road. That’s awesome news if you’re on a budget because you can reshare those blog posts to social media (with new lead-ins, of course).

Tell your writing team to stay away from words like “recently” or “soon” and to create content that will have something to offer indefinitely. How-tos, FAQs, reviews, guides, listicles, and thought leadership pieces often fit the bill.

3. Do a Few Things Really Well

You can’t be everything to everyone in marketing, especially if you’re keeping an eye on your bank account. Trying to launch and maintain half a dozen social media accounts, a blog, email marketing, a weekly newsletter, quarterly ebooks, and whatever else your dream team comes up with is exhausting (for you and for your accountant).

Instead, narrow your focus to the best channels for your business and put all your energy into captivating those audiences.

4. Make Your Content Work For You

Anyone can churn out a 500-word blog on why tacos are awesome, but chances are Google won’t care and neither will your audience. Spending time and money on blogs that will never get traction is like burning $100 bills for fun.

Aim for high-impact pieces that give the public what it wants: education and/or entertainment.

  • Trawl social media to see what people are talking about
  • Set Google alerts to monitor top industry keywords
  • Browse ask-and-answer sites like Quora (a great place to promote your brand and build authority, too)
  • Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner for research

Content marketing is constantly evolving. Long-form blogs overtake short-form, visual content enjoys a wave of popularity—change happens, but the importance of content marketing will never diminish. Find ways to offer actionable, interesting content and you’ll be rewarded.