5 Reasons SEO Campaigns Fail

March 14 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Miscellaneous

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SEO is important, but it isn’t easy. Creating a killer campaign is not unlike bathing an angry cat; you may get the job done, but expect plenty of bumps and bruises.

If you’re running an SEO campaign that’s falling short, you may be making some of these common mistakes. Identify the problem areas and makes necessary tweaks and you could be back on track and soaring in the rankings sooner than you think. Still struggling? We’ve got a solution for that, too.

1. Your Methodology is Outdated

Think you’ve got a handle on SEO best practices? Think again. Thanks to evolving SEO trends and near-constant algorithm changes by Google and friends, search engines work differently today than they did yesterday and tomorrow will probably be a new story yet again. Staying up-to-date is a full-time job. Double-checking your tactics adds even more to your plate, and it’s remarkably easy for things to slip through the cracks.

2. You’re Impatient

SEO changes take time to gain traction. It would be wonderful if a new contractor could swoop in and remodel your entire campaign in minutes—and maybe some can, but you won’t see the effects of those alterations for weeks or even months. Due to that lag time, it could be that your SEO campaign is working, you just can’t tell yet.

The best way to ensure SEO success is to either become (and work hard to remain) an SEO expert or to hire someone who is. Look for an individual or agency with:

  • A communication style you like
  • A proven track record
  • A plan that makes sense
  • A commitment to trackable, quantifiable results and the tried-and-true processes to pull it all off

3. You Started and Ended with Keywords and Link Building

Keywords are an important part of SEO as are links, but those are only two spokes in a very large wheel. Incorporate keyword into your blog isn’t rocket science (though a surprising number of people aren’t maximizing this opportunity either), but all the KWs in the world won’t help you if you’re missing the other pieces of the puzzle. Responsive website design, metadata, image optimization, relevant content, mobile-friendly design, fixing broken links and site lags—all of these things are crucial and many of them are neglected or skipped over entirely.

4. Your Strategy… Isn’t One

SEO requires a blueprint. This isn’t something you can wing. Figuring out SEO as you go along is not only ineffective, it’s also a fantastic way to blow your marketing budget without seeing any measurable results. Your business absolutely needs SEO, and having a sound strategy is the best way to ensure you increase your ranking and visibility without needlessly chasing your tail.

5. Your Content Doesn’t Say Anything

Quality content and SEO go hand in hand, but writing for search engines is a major fail. Instead, write for humans—after all, the algorithms are basically AI at this point, and they know the difference between a keyword-stuffed monstrosity and content that makes sense and delivers value to your audience. Yes, you need to incorporate basic keywords appropriately. Yes, you should look into LSI keywords, too. But well-written content also equals social validation, increased authority, and quality backlinks—all things essential to brand growth and better ranking.

If this seems overwhelming or you’d just rather concentrate on the tasks in your wheelhouse rather than adding one more thing to your to-do list, reach out to some SEO experts. Sometimes the best person to get the job done is someone who has made SEO his or her job.