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Amazon Advertising With Chair 10 Marketing

Chair 10 Marketing delivers impactful results on Amazon, America’s #1 shopping website. With roots in Seattle, our team understands the global footprint of Amazon and how important it can be to your business. Amazon is the fastest-growing advertising platform on the internet and our team can help you build your business and put it in front of Amazon customers who are ready to buy.

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What is Amazon Advertising and Why Does It Matter?

Whether you are a longtime Amazon seller or a new brand one looking to get in on of the largest online marketplaces in the world, Amazon Advertising can help you drive valuable traffic and revenue.

Amazon Advertising allows brands to advertise based on keywords or categories with targeted campaigns on a per-click basis. Amazon’s on-site advertising types include Sponsored Products/Brands as well as Product Display Ads.

Amazon’s reach isn’t limited to the on-site Amazon shopping experience either. Amazon’s demand-side platform (Amazon DSP) allows brands to programmatically buy display and video ads both on and off Amazon. In addition to, ad placement is also available on high-quality sites owned by Amazon such as IMDB as well as a vast network of publisher sites.

Key facts about Amazon:

- 97 percent of shoppers visit marketplace sites like Amazon before making an online purchase

- Amazon is the largest online marketplace in North America

- As of December 2019, there were an estimated 112 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States

- Amazon is the fastest-growing advertising network on the internet

Holistic Brand Building for Your Business

Nearly 15 years of Google search advertising experience and SEO expertise gives us an edge that other Amazon-exclusive agencies lack. We know that Amazon isn’t the only place you sell your products, just as Amazon isn’t the only advertising platform we work with to help clients grow. Our position as an agency with a diverse range of experience across a variety of ad platforms means that we see your full sales pipeline, ensuring that your Amazon advertising strategies serve the entirety of your business growth objectives.

Chair 10 Marketing knows how to optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns to perform at a high-level while seamlessly incorporating Amazon into the wider scope of all your revenue-generating efforts. Our data-driven approach to advertising paired with a commitment to transparent reporting brings a level of insight to your campaigns that you just won’t get with other digital marketing agencies. Before you call other agencies that focus only on Amazon, call Chair 10 Marketing to help you grow across every aspect of your business. We are the one-stop shop for your modern, multi-platform advertising efforts.

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