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Social Media Paid Advertising

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, we work with each of our clients to find the best mix of ad networks to produce leads and sales that results in the highest ROI. At Chair 10 Marketing, we believe that a diversified approach is often the best approach to pay-per-click and that’s why we strongly believe that paid social media advertising is an effective addition to many advertising campaigns. From Facebook to LinkedIn, we can translate your business goals and objectives into
a solid social media paid advertising plan that will produce results. Facebook and LinkedIn provide exceptional customer targeting capabilities, and this makes these ad networks ideal for finding customers and clients most likely to buy your products and services. With 284 million active users on Twitter, 332 million on LinkedIn, and a whopping 1.3 billion active users on Facebook, social media advertising is often a key component to any Internet marketing plan.

Social Media Management

In today’s business world, social media is the key to managing reputation, amplifying the reach of content, and connecting with customers. At Chair 10 Marketing we are experts in harnessing the power of social media networks to ensure that your brand is taken care of and your customers feel cared for.

Not all social networks are created equal and some will help your business far more than others. Business-to-business sales, for example, can be greatly boosted by a strong presence on LinkedIn. With its unmatched user base, Facebook can connect you with a wide range of potential customers.

Using our past experience as a guide, we can help you create a successful and effective social media strategy to ensure that you can find your customers and your customers can always find you.

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With over 1.3 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is the world's largest and most robust social network. If your business isn't on Facebook, you can be sure that your competitors are.

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LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network and people use it every day to find potential jobs, connect with business partners, and network for the future. If your business needs to make an impression in the corporate world, LinkedIn could be your best bet.

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Notorious for its 140-character limit and catapulting the hashtag into the cultural lexicon, Twitter has 284 million active users. From running promotions to monitoring online reputation, Twitter is a great social media platform to be involved in as you build your brand.

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