3 Clever Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

October 25 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Social Media

Facebook marketing

Savvy digital marketers already know that Facebook is home to an incredibly large prospect pool and that advertising there can generate powerful ROIs. But did you know that if you’re only using Facebook for advertising and promoted posts,  you are missing out on some valuable marketing opportunities you just can’t find anywhere else? Here are some other ways you can use Facebook to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Optimize your Facebook Business Page

More and more shoppers are using Facebook to get information about brands during the research phase of the sales funnel. If you create a product, sell to consumers, or have a local business, the details on your Facebook page are particularly important.

Your page can be a powerful selling tool—or it can be a boring, generic site. When you optimize your page, you boost your brand’s visibility and consumer awareness. You let visitors know you are active, open, and ready for business, and you showcase how you interact with your customers.

If you enable reviews, you can even showcase just how happy your customers and clients are with your work and your team. Make the most of your page by ensuring all details are up to date and correct and that your branding matches your website and products.

You should also update your page regularly. Adding posts at least three times per week lets customers know you are open and active. Regular posting also keeps your brand at the top of search algorithms. Optimize your page, and your entire marketing strategy will benefit.

Perform Market Research

You can use Facebook’s powerful data collection to determine how potential customers interact with your brand online. If you have purchased advertising in the past, then Facebook Analytics will reveal plenty of details about your audience.

From learning the average age of your followers to discovering some of their interests and even the times of day they use Facebook, Analytics can reveal data that you can then leverage for other purposes.

Say for example that you learn that your followers visit Facebook in the morning, primarily from desktops, and that they are mainly females over 60 that own cats. You’ve just discovered a surprising amount of information without costly market research. Once you have these details, you can tailor your approach to suit them by posting in the morning and showcasing updates that will be of interest to this group (pictures of cats).

You may find you need to build out additional buyer personas or that you need to revisit your posting schedule on Facebook and other platforms.

Hosting Facebook Contests and Quizzes

Driving high-quality leads is easy when you launch a Facebook contest. You’ll need to use a separate app that directs users to a place where they can participate because Facebook does not offer self-hosted contests.

Choose from a variety of contest apps that integrate with Facebook. Both Shortstack and Pagemodo have free versions, making it easy to test the concept without spending money. Offer an appealing prize and you’ll collect a surprising amount of entries.

You can announce the winner(s) on your page. Running a monthly contest with a tempting prize is a great way to keep users coming back. In addition to boosting visits, a contest can also enhance your brand awareness, particularly if users tag friends or share their results.

You can Facebook for far more than just regular posting or advertising. Not sure if your page is fully ready for customers? Reach out to the digital marketing experts at Chair 10 Marketing today.