Facebook Surveying Users About News Feed Content

December 15 / Eliot Olson / filed under Social Media

Recently a Chair 10 Marketing team member ran into an interesting survey when logging into Facebook. The purpose of the survey was to gauge user response to a variety of posts. To achieve this goal, the survey showed a series of Facebook posts with a wide range of content. Some were clearly advertisements for local businesses highlighting special offers and discounts, while others were clearly more personal Facebook status updates. The survey consisted of seven News Feed posts (pictured below) preceded by:

How much do you agree with this statement? 

This post feels like an ad.

It’s not clear from the survey exactly what Facebook’s end goal is here, as this data could be used for a variety of purposes. Most likely they are attempting to fine-tune the line between an ad and a genuine post in order to keep the News Feed fresh and relevant for users. They could also be using the survey responses to create ad copy guidelines for future advertisers.


What do you think? Have you seen one of these surveys recently?