New Facebook Marketplace Feature

May 25 / Andrew Kopp / filed under Social Media


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Facebook is enhancing the home service experience like never before. A new Facebook Marketplace feature is the latest in the social media giant’s ever-expanding repertoire of digital services.

What’s Changed?

Through the Services feature, Marketplace will include local businesses for easy user access, accelerating the process of acquiring professional home service. The Services feature acts as a single place users can visit to explore the busy world of house cleaning, flooring, plumbing, and more.

Services will provide expansive lists of top-rated local contractors, including reviews, locations, and the option to quickly communicate with these businesses in real-time.

How Does It Work?

In some detail, the Services user describes a home project, e.g. a pipe leak in the basement, type of pipe, when they would like it repaired, etc. From a sizeable array of applicable local businesses, the user may select which best suits their needs. Those businesses are then updated with details about the project.

From there, selected businesses can respond with quotes via Messenger. Businesses partnered with Handy, HomeAdvisor, or Porch are able to participate and list their services through Facebook Marketplace Services.

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