What It Takes to Create Compelling Facebook Ads That Drive Business

December 20 / Emma / filed under Social Media


Facebook Advertising


A savvy marketer knows one of the best ways to reach a potential customer is being visible where they already spend their time: social media. Facebook ads are an effective tool for boosting your brand awareness and driving customers to your business. But if your performance results seem to be lackluster, your ads may not be reaching their full potential. Take a moment and review these tips for taking your Facebook ads from OK to compelling.

Dive Deep Into Facebook Audience Insights

This is an outstanding tool that provides great information about specific audiences. Facebook Audience Insights mines data from the platform and gives you an in-depth picture of your target market. It bases this information on people who already like your page and identifies demographics that let you create an audience profile. You can then use this information to build ad sets that specifically target these audiences.

Create Different Ads for Different Audiences

Creating one ad to reach all of your audiences is not an effective use of Facebook Advertising. What speaks to one group may not be as compelling to another, and the most effective ads will cater to their target demographic. You will get more bang for your marketing buck by creating several well thought out ads, rather than relying on general ads to appeal to everybody.

Social Media is Visual, Your Ads Should Be Too

Facebook ads rely on imagery. This is a social space and people are looking for eye-catching content to attract their attention. Have a clickable call to action and some brief copy, but the bulk of your focus should be on the image. The image itself should be clean, to the point, and visually appealing. Always keep your target market in mind when choosing images. This is a great opportunity to tailor your ads to the audience you are trying to reach.

Monitor the Success of Your Campaigns

A great campaign closely monitors and measures performance to ensure it is reaching its goals. Make sure that you have the Facebook Pixel (a nugget of JavaScript code) in the header tag on each of your landing pages. It tracks your users so that you can gather more data on your audience and increase the effectiveness of your targeting. Then you can see what is working and what can be adjusted to improve performance.

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